Friday, January 29, 2010

My Mess of Strings and Scraps

* everything AND the kitchen sink *

The snow has started falling here and I am about to tackle this mess of strings and scraps.  I am having my own little retreat all by myself.  HooT  Hoot!!!  

Anyone want to join me?  

No kids or hubby around for the entire weekend.  They are all in Florida.  They said they are lucky to be out of the snow and in the nice 75 degree weather.
 I disagree.  I'd rather be with my sewing machine cranking out a few sweet quilts.    

We can't go into to work tomorrow because North Carolina shuts down with any amount of snow on the ground.  

I have no idea how I am going to color-control this mess.  Be sure to come on back on Sunday night to see what I unveil.  


  1. Maybe this should be a *everything AND the kitchen sink* version.

  2. That looks like my pile of scraps. Someday, they will be organized. Someday....


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