Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh Where, Oh Where have my Daffodils Gone?

Somewhere under our 6 inches of snow are the sweet tips of my daffodils.  

Here is my sweet show and tell of what I got accomplished this weekend with my "Snow Day"!!  Hip Hip Hurrah!!
I have enjoyed every minute of my personal retreat. 

Did I see a snowflake in the forecast for next week.  I think so :)

Each block is finished at 5 inches and the quilt top is 30 x 30.

These Ice Blue strings are cut wonky and crooked.  I still used phonebook pages as my foundation.  They too are finished at 5 inches and the quilt top is 25 x 30 inches.  I can't wait to get these quilted tomorrow.  With the temperature going to be just 10 degrees, you won't see me out on the road. 

I really didn't know what I would get done with the mess of strings that I posted about on Friday.  It seems like I didn't even make a dent in the pile.

Here is a peek at my street!!

Next week I am going to try and use my precious Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Tina Givens and Kaffe Fassett strings.  Ohhh it's gonna be hard.  I just love them so!!  


  1. Love your blocks ! I have a question . When using the white strip did you mark your foundation block first?? I made some string blocks and put a black string in the middle but when time came for sewing 4 blocks together they really didn't match up. Yours look like the match real nice .

  2. Nice colour combinations again. My husband's comment about some of my recent outreach quilts is they aren't big enough. He likes to be able to wrap himself up in a quilt, not just sit it on top. Your bad weather made the news in southern Ontario where we are sadly used to such stuff. Joanne H

  3. Love that daffodil quilt! I may have to copy your color scheme. The wonky blues are very nice too.

  4. Hi Quilty Bird, You just go ahead and make one for yourself too!! I am so happy with the color combo.


  5. Another awesome string! Love the green and yellow combo and the blue is so cute.

  6. I like both of these too. I don't use a foundation on my rail fence or log cabin type string quilts, just those pieced on the diagonal.


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