Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bright Strings

Hi  I'm LuAnn and this is my first string quilt.  This was not the original plan I had for these blocks.  I made a pile of smaller blocks and some larger blocks.  I thought I would set the smaller blocks in a 4 X 4 square in the center and then put an outer border of 5 of the larger blocks around the outside.  I didn't take into account that if you have an odd number of blocks the strong diagonal line goes up and down but at the corner it doesn't go back down again.  So I did some trimming, bordering, added a piano key border around the center and ended up with a quilt top.  I loved doing these blocks, and I'll do another quilt soon. 

Our quilt guild here takes donations of quilts for service projects, or they will take just the tops. There are a couple of meetings a month where volunteers gather and finish the quilts. Most of the time backing fabric and batting is donated. So I will either donate the quilt there to be finished and donated or I'll finish it and donate it to Project Linus.


  1. That black really sets off your brights. I like it. Thanks for posting the photo. Strings are a real addition and you can make such a variety with them. Joanne H

  2. Thanks for a great idea! I am just not the creative. I tend to think in squares rather than random. that is why I love rubbing elbows with people who think outside the box, it encourages me to do the same!

    glen: love the quilt!

  3. Luann, Bravo for you. Your quilt is lovely and I love your choice of donation. Three Cheers.

  4. Love your string! You've done a great job. Unique.


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