Friday, April 9, 2010

String Quilts for the Little Wee Ones

I love how these sweeties turned out.  

It's gonna be hard to part with that pink and green one on the top.  {Oh, I love that one so.}  Well come to think of it, the pink and yellow one at the bottom too.  

I used to have a hard time making a quilt and then giving it away.  I kinda hoard my quilts.  But you know something, doing My String thing Challenge has made it possible for me to let them go.  Knowing right off that they are meant to be donated has helped me with that process.  Eight sweet little babies will get a special part of me. 

I now have 7 more to quilt and my first shipment will be completed.

I hope you are getting as much joy from making your quilts as I am.  Please let me know what your progress has been and where you have been donating any of them.  It's super special to see where they will be going.

Happy Quilting.



  1. These are gorgeous! BTW what are the dimensions and how did you quilt them?

  2. Congrats on your finishes so far - you must have been stitching your little heart out :)

  3. Hi Matts Mom, They are about 36 x 36. They are quilted by sewing directly through the center of each block. Just straight-line sewing.



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