Saturday, March 6, 2010

My First String Quilt

Hello, this is Rana. How exciting to be posting my first finish, which is also the first string quilt I have ever made. But, it is most definitely not the last. These little blocks are so much fun, and come together so quickly. And then, there is the little memory parade that all of those scraps bring to mind. Little bits that have not been seen in years, and were used for all manner of lovely things back when they were still yardage. This time I focused on blue and red scraps, which are plentiful. And, they fulfilled the challenge of a patriotic theme for February. Next is going to be greens in a roundabout type of block in honor of St. Patrick's Day. So, until next time.....


  1. Hi Rana, Your red and blue quilts is very nice. I can't wait to see the roundabout for St. Paddy's Day.


  2. do you have a tutorial or instructions for that block with the blue corners? I really like it.


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