Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think in Pink ~ A Lot!

I have to admit. I think in pink a lot!  :)  Doesn't it seems like most of my string quilts are for girls?  What is it about pink?  I always lean toward that color.  Pink just shouts out to me 
{Use me! Use me! }
I have pretty much depleted my pink string basket. 
Maybe the next color to tackle will lavender.

A little Freebie to some lucky winner.  
Leave a comment and I'll pick a winner!

*millie is my winner*
She is a busy lady.
She's got a fun blog too.  


  1. You must have had quite a pink collection. I struggled to find enough for one quilt. I am just ready to do the border on my pink strings and will try to post a picture. Joanne H

  2. Oh You should see my stash!! I am surprised that my third floor hasn't crashed yet.

  3. Your string quilt is gorgeous. I just might starting a pink string quilt too after seeing yours.

  4. WOWZERS...I'm loving the pink string quilt! I'm new to your I'm headed to have a look around here.

  5. Never liked pink when I was younger, now I have more pink and lime green in my stash than any other color. Beautiful quilt!

  6. I definitely need to start "thinking in pink"! What a beauty.

  7. You are so sweet to make quilts for the new babies. I love your colors.
    Keep up the good work, Thea


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