Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Haiku

Get creative and post a sweet valentine Haiku!!

I will pick my favorite and send you this sweet non-fat, no calorie chocolate valentine embroidery.  It's the one in the middle.

Linda Wins!!!!


  1. Here's my haiku

    Valentine's Day Love
    I love Valentine's Day Love
    The best love all year

  2. Valentine love note
    Attached to red rose bouquet
    Left me by florist

    I found a really cool website with tons of Haiku's, how they work and how to write them. This one came from there so, I don't take credit for it. It surely fits.

    I better get red roses. Considering my husband didn't get me anything for our anniversary last week. I always give him a delicious box of Godiva chocolates. I have been getting those boxes for him for 27 years. I keep hoping that I am going to win that diamond ring contest that they always have. LOL

  3. No longer a child.
    Still, the one question remains:
    Be my Valentine?


    Your husband

  4. I wouldn't think of trying to top that one. Joanne H

  5. Haikus are such fun
    Much can be said in few lines
    Like string quilts are best

    Thanks Stacey.


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