Monday, January 11, 2010

36 Pink Strings and counting.....

I have been having so much fun since last Friday when I took up Stacey's challenge to make string blocks. I have now completed 36 blocks for the pink quilt. Not sure how far I will go and what I will do for border or if I will just continue to make blocks. What a great Stash/Scrapbusting block this is.


  1. Hi Linda, Way to go!!! I love the darker pink blocks in the center.


  2. Very nice. It's very soft and sweet looking.

  3. Thanks. I have 64 - 6 1/2" blocks made now and I am going to sew them together soon. Thats it for my pink scraps. I used them all up! All I have left in pinks is enough for crumb quilt blocks. I will start on those after I use up all the scraps in different colours that I have by making string quilt blocks.


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